Cerjer Smith

Cejer Smith (20th July, 1935- 3rd October, 2003) was a representative of Lord Paxvir and close friend of the Apprentice and the Master. He was originally Russian, as was his brother, Cijon, who also held a role at the Ministry.

Early LifeEdit

He was born Boris Grakinov Kinoten in Moscow in 1935, as his parents had fled the Nazi Germany regime prior to the war, foreseeing bad events to come. His brother was born two years later. During his life as a child, he demonstrated certified genius in academic fields, but suffered from an introverted personality. After graduating from the Sorbonne in 1956, he was approached by a Ministry official and recruited to the Ministry in Paris.

Occupation at the MinistryEdit

Smith was successful in introducing his brother to the same Ministry official, and they were both sent to the Ministry as representatives. As they were Russian, a translation matrix was inserted into their basal ganglia, allowing them to understand and speak any language that a humanoid species is capable of. While Cejer was working to negotiate the Metraxis Agreement in Eastern Europe, his brother was sent to check the status of the Apprentices in London. For some unknown reason, Cijon assaulted the Master's son, the Demon, who reacted by engaging his electro-psychokinetic ability, killing the man instantly. The Master discovered this and, fearful for his son's safety, hid the body and informed the Ministry that Cijon never came to London. He was declared missing. It was later revealed at the end of The London Magess that Cejer discovered the truth of his brother's death after the Master told him out of guilt. The knowledge of this caused him to side with the magess, Circe, who he aided in introducing alien-blood-laced cocaine into the London urban population. In a few short months, the entire area of Chiswick was extraterrestrial. After the Apprentices defeated Circe and sent the extraterrestrials to their respective species' planets, the six became friends. He continued to have positive relations with people and did his job well when it came to recruiting.


The third mission of the 2000s Apprentice line-up took place in Florence. The Menagerie of Fear, the criminal organization consisting of composite races, had been assassinating various French del