Nathaniel baltic-jones

Nathaniel Baltic-Jones, the 7th Earl of Lancaster (19th June 1917- 2nd August 2002) was an English physicist and notable friend of the Master. He gained international fame for being the smartest person to exist until 1987, when he was surpassed by Rose Streitenfeld. Both he and the Master were the pioneers of the Continuum Manipulator, the first device in universal history to be able to travel through time (4D).

Early LifeEdit

Nathaniel Baltic-Jones was born in Percival Manor, the largest noble estate in Lancashire. His father, Sir Wulfric Carilyn Norsoth Baltic, 6th Earl of Lancaster, became married to Marion William Jones in 1895 (Novem Annus). A few months after Nathaniel was born, the worldwide Spanish Flu pandemic struck northern England. Of the household at Percival, which consisted of a total of seventy-eight members, only four survived: Nathaniel himself, his father Wulfric, aunt Eleanor and her personal maid. Being only an infant at the time, Nathaniel had no memories of his other family or residents of Percival Manor. He grew up in a rather secluded lifestyle, particularly as his father was often away and he was left in the care of his aunt, who distrusted the proleteriat and their reaction towards the heir to the Lancastrian earldom.